Propriete Nue and Usufruit Property Investments

With the present banking crisis, resulting share price collapse and dropping interest rates, many are looking for a safe haven for their funds. If you are in this position, have you looked at putting your money into French usufruit and propriete nue property placements? We feel this is a safe haven for the protection of your funds.

Roman law allowed one to divide full property ownership into two distinct property rights, ownership of the walls - propriete nue- and use of the property - usufruit. French law being based on Roman law also has this same law.

The owner of the usufruit has to pay all property taxes etc, maintain the property, can let the property or occupy it during the fixed term of his usufruit, But at the end of the usufruit he must leave the property empty and in good repair for the owner of the propriete nue who then has full ownership of the property.

If the term of the usufruit is 15 years or more the owner of the propriete nue can, at the end of the term, sell full ownership with no French capital gains tax to pay. As the original price of the propriete nue is fixed at somewhere between 50% and 65% of the full value, regardless of property price trends there is likely to be a significant capital gain.

We haver seven developments in different regions of France where we can offer propriete nue investments. Visit this page for more details on how usufruit and propriete nue investments work As propriete nue usufruit investment is very popular with French investors, available lots are limited in number.

Now with the high property prices in the popular French regions,

shared ownership

becomes an interesting and affordable option. Have a look at our new shared ownership page which explains how it works.

Frightened of leasebacks? Why not look at non leaseback property investment opportunities in France?

We can offer a full search service and good selection of propertiy for sale in many regions of France. Our associates are either holders of French Estate Agents' cards or are 'agents commerciaux' working in the property field in France.

Moving-to-France is the French Property Company's guide to buying, moving and living in France. Confused about French leaseback schemes? There is so much misinformation about leaseback in France - nature of the engagement, tax, implications of a French commercial lease etc. on the internet that we have set up and just updated a straight facts about leaseback in France page. Visit the French Leaseback Facts page
Check out the best French leaseback finance deals on the market.

French Leaseback Special

We can offer rental management signed attestations that no compensation will be sought for non renewal of the 'bail commercial' -leaseback contract - on a limited no of French leaseback properties on a small selection of leaseback developments, both ski and sun . The ability to end the lease obviously adds greatly to the potential resale value of a french leaseback.

Please note we deal with all the major French leaseback and buy to let promoters and have access to details of many more leaseback developments than we list.

If you have come across a specific leaseback development and would like our opinions on it or to buy it through us, please mail us. If you know what you are looking for in a leaseback development please mail us as well, as we will be able to find a the right leaseback development for you.

Golf Leasebacks

Near St Tropez Sun and Sand Leaseback

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Our next Discovery Tour of the Languedoc is scheduled for September, click onFrench Property Buying for details.

Have a look at our wide choice of leaseback developments.

Are you interested in a noble wreck in the heart of a lovely and popular Languedoc/Herault village, 20 minutes from the Med, being sold for less than the value of the land it stands on? Click here for details.

Because of the demand for leaseback and investment properties in all areas of France, we have sought out all the principal and well established leaseback developers and can offer a much wider range of leaseback properties from many of the regions of France.

Moving-to-France is actively looking for new associates in many of the regions of France. If you can speak both French and English and have local knowledge of your area and its property market, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us if this might be of interest to you.

The properties link will take you to our search engine where you can search our database for a property or leaseback that suits you.

Added to this are our Property Management, Travel, Hotel Booking and allied services, which make Moving to France the major resource if you are thinking of Moving to France

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